A Collin County Virtual Food Drive

Feed the Need Collin County Food Pantries

May 19-26, 2020

"A food pantry functions as the arms that reach out to that community..."

Feeding America

Collin County Food pantries are experiencing a dramatic increase in the numbers of families they serve and an decrease in the supply of food. Although the food bank is helping with the need food pantries are still in need.

May 19-26 several food pantries in Collin County will partner together to create the “Feed The Need Virtual Food Drive.”  The drive will  promote Collin County food pantries, replenish the food supply and spark a continuing engagement in the growing food needs of the county.


Click the button below to visit our You Give Goods Food Drive portal to find your city and then CHOOSE a local food pantry to support


Look through the list of needs for your food pantry and either DONATE specific items from their list or DONATE money.


PROMOTE the Feed the Need Virtual Food Drive to your networks via social media or other established sources of communication.